The ignorance of the American public and leadership is appalling. It's so clear to me because I was a gullible Neocon Dupe myself in the past. I'm ashamed of my former self but found redemption upon the realization I was lied to, programmed and propagandized.

This must be happening to others as the pain of backfiring sanctions sets in. Masks are coming off and there are holes appearing in the Narrative Matrix controlled by Plutocratic and Military Institutions who've created an ILLUSION of Democracy.

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Great article! The metaphors worked very well.

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The J-11 and J-15 are Su-27 derivatives. The J-10 is a very different creature. They tried to do the Israeli Lavi and ended up designing their own beast. What will really matter in a war scenario will be the missiles they carry, both air to air and strike. China is close there, too.

The US howitzer is the M777. Titanium helps make it helicopter-portable, so 155mm performance instead of 105mm. That’s nice, but hardly revolutionary.

America’s SSNs are not noisy at all, they’re excellent. You can’t target a firing submarine with hypersonics, you need dedicated rocket-torpedo combinations. Or glide-torpedo from a plane. It’s a moving underwater target.

Your larger point is correct, but basic mistakes detract from it.

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